Top 10 cities to visit

The rich culture that embodies each city is unique to each area’s coordinates from architectural entities and eloquent languages to classic entertainment and dynamic metropolitans. Relive and be reborn in the city of your dreams.

10. New York City, NY

New York City, NY

A bustling city filled with high rise structures and a lively nightlife. Properly given the
name, “the city that never sleeps”, NYC dons the wonder of the world – Statue of
Liberty – and the acclaimed Times Square.

9. London, UK

London, UK

From Big Ben to the royal Buckingham Palace, this global city is rich in culture
and is sure to capture your interest through these British attractions.
A lavish getaway for any metropolitan lover.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Luxurious, elegant, and fastpaced – with a unique ambiance that attracts tourists
everywhere. Chinese new year, fashion enthusiasts, and delicious delicacies are some
of the hundred reasons to visit this eclectic city.

7. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

A truly breathtaking getaway for any beach lovers, experiencing modern architecture,
reliving artistic history, and exploring the city on foot! Savor your energy for this
mediterranean escape.

6. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

With the obvious sushi mania you will get to experience, the hospitable Japanese
make this vacation a memorable experience; the rich and unique cultural heritage
and western city lights accompany the vibrant city and attract you to its charms.

5. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

The oldest city in Australia is very much alive and abuzz with tourists. Sydney boasts
the Sydney Opera House, hospitable natives, exquisite beaches, Sydney Harbor, and
much more – an ideal destination to spend your next holiday.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

A unique country set in the midst of Southeast Asia that comprises of a myriad of
different cultures, enthusiastic backpackers, authentic Thai cuisine, ornate historical
temples, or simple relaxation with original Thai massages.

3. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Beautifully set on the Venetian lagoon and connected by bridges to form an overall
awe-inspiring city. The art and architecture is famous throughout the city, but also
infamous as the city of worldwide love. Grab a ticket and take a gondola ride into the
city’s wonders!

2. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

As the vast desert meets the vivacious and modern Persian Gulf, the city of Dubai is born.
With stunning skyscrapers and the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa -this
opulent city is worth a visit. Shopping is essential in the Dubai Mall, also known as the
world’s largest shopping mall, filled with luxury brands and excited tourists. With
Atlantis and man-made islands, thrilling desert adventures, and unlimited choices of
attractions to choose from – Dubai is an exquisite piece of the modern day UAE.

1. Paris, France

Paris, France

Appropriately given the title “the city of love”, this enchanting city provides endless
opportunities to experience life with the French. With the Eiffel Tower, one of the
wonders of the world, extraordinary natural scenery, historical treasures in the
Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles, and much more enthrall anyone. Paris
boasts the trendiest fashion and is also the metropolitan shopping capital of France.
In addition to all the reasons above, the sensational beauty of Paris is enough to
captivate one’s heart and mind.