Purchase plan SRTC Members get the best deal for their membership!

Members who take the purchase option for their life time SRTC membership only pay $200 per year to renew their membership with SRTC.  This is the best option because after the first year, all members have to pay is just the renewal of $200.  Monthly plans continue to pay monthly each year which comes out to a lot more than $200. Monthly customers should ask their representative about our upgrade promotion and switch to the purchase plan and save hundreds of dollars each year.

Q:        What if I am a purchase plan customer and I don’t pay my renewal for 2 years?  Does that mean I have to pay for the years that I missed?

A:         No, with SRTC if you don’t travel for a period of time and decide not to renew your account will be inactive.  When you are ready, just pay the current year renewal to activate and use your account.  You are not obligated to pay any missing year renewal.