About Us

Sales Rain Travel Club (SRTC) is a wholesale travel club offering memberships to customers in order to save on hotel, resort, condo, car rentals, shopping and dining, Cruises, Activities.  It also offers time share owners the ability to exchange or sell their time share weeks.  All purchases on SRTC earns members reward points that they can use to purchase future reservations, shopping and dining, renewals, and many other items or services except flights.


Sales Rain Travel Club leverages the buying power of its members to purchase travel and other products from consolidators, resorts and other vendors thus achieving a savings to its members of potentially hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  Members can join by purchasing a lifetime membership either by Yearly payment or smaller monthly payments.  Customers can also renew their membership using rewards points they earn throughout the year.


Sales Rain Travel Club is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sales Rain, Inc.  Sales Rain Inc. is a privately held California corporation. Based in U.S., Philippines, India, Egypt and South America, Sales Rain Inc. specializes in infrastructure leasing, Business Process Outsourcing, software development and other services.  The company also owns subsidiary Telerain Inc. which is a cloud based technology company offering companies cloud services such as Dialer, Speech Analytics, Call Recording, IVR and cloud PBX functionality.